## Welcome to World of Writers

World of Writers is a Slack community for writers, copywriters, editors, bloggers, novelists and other types of content creators. My name is Daniel—I'm a writer and editor, and I've been looking for a community of likeminded individuals for a while now, and the Facebook Groups weren't cutting it.

I've sent ~300 invites so far!

P.S. Ping me on WOW, I'm @mrdanielschwarz.

## Member benefits

- Helpful advice and epic conversations
- Job board, updated hourly
- Perks (free stuff, coming soon)
- Free book about blogging (coming soon)
- Possibly a free .ink domain (I'm working on it)

## Most-recent newsletter*

Ask me anything about writing ✍️ at 3pm EST today

by Daniel Schwarz, @mrdanielschwarz

Lately I've been spending a bit of time connecting some of you guys with cool writing gigs (magazines, high-paying blogs, editing work, et cetera), and I thought it would be equally useful if we did a little AMA (Ask Me Anything). Officially the AMA will begin today (January 17th) from 3pm EST, but technically you can begin asking me questions now.

So far there's been an interest with 93 RSVPs and 28 questions—it looks to be a nice turnout!

As the concept suggests, you can Ask Me Anything, so your question(s) don't have to be geared towards writing. That being said, if you do have any questions about writing, editing, freelancing, travel or starting a business, I'm happy to help.

Here's the link again, I'm really looking forward to answering your questions later today!

*newsletters are currently paused.